What exactly is the system user?

Is this some kind of service account that is used for integrating with news feeds and converting them into posts automatically ?

I don’t know, but the system has been very busy this evening.

It is a service account.

We have a few RSS feeds to help generate topics. They’re hidden but a few people can post them.

Did the system user shit all over the board last night? I don’t see it. Not sure if someone cleaned it up or if it was a fluke.

What happened?

There are about 20 topics created by “the system”. They are still on here.

In what forum? There is one called test that should be hidden from the group. Only a few people can see it to move topics out.

Here are some of them.

What forum is that in? That should be the test forum.

If I click on the 3 horizontal lines and click on Latest, and scroll down the topics, the ones from System start to show up. There are 18 to 20 of them.

Check now. There may be a software glitch.

I think I found the glitch.

I am traveling today but drop me a message if you see more.

Nope, still there on my Android phone. I’m always an on the “Latest” page. It’s under the category “System”.

The old ones will be there for now. I don’t have time to manually Move them. They just need their category changed.

You shouldn’t see new ones.

I better not or I’ll expect a refund.

(This board is still way better than the CH board.)

What looks like happened is a recent upgrade reset what forums they were placed. What is odd is the last upgrade was days ago.

Yesterday I installed Apple’s new operating system for my MacBook. So when I went to this forum and saw over 20 new threads started by system manager, which I had never seen before, I thought that my MacBook had been hacked when I did the download for its new operating system. :grinning: