What Did You Really Learn in School?

Courses like math and chemistry fostered analytic thinking skills which have helped me in almost every aspect of my life

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I agree with math, I hated chemistry, the thing that made it tolerable was the fact that my wrestling coach was the teacher.

LOng before we were woke, we were teaching our high performing business students very useful things, such as turning a run on sentence into something called a “mission statement”.

In high school my kid had to take a basic personal finance class which I think was useful. Parents should be teaching their kids about personal finance, personal responsibility and life skills they don’t teach in school, but that’s up to the parents to make sure their kid is ready to be an adult. Unfortunately it seems many aren’t doing that.

To @Bears54 point, I do not understand why Personal Finance is not a required subject in the high school curriculum. Fortunately I am able to provide that for my kids, but not everyone can. Of course, kids without any guidance will model the behavior and actions of their parents and that is probably disastrous for most…

LOL, I have been part of committees that literally spent the first 2-3 meetings just coming up with a mission statement!!

It is a required Merit Badge for Eagle Scouts.

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So have I, although I did get the evil eye when I asked if we could use punctuation marks. At Sprint I offered up the same mission at every meeting. Mine was simple “To make money”. That wasn’t esoteric enough though.

One of my favorites was when a committee I was on finished and we presented our work to management.
One of the managers that I really liked looked at it and said, “some of those are great ideas, the same things our committee from several years ago came up with, but for some reason we refuse to incorporate”.

Other than “make money” any mission statement does a pretty shitty job of describing what the company does.

Crparrothead - I would like to share a funny story about high school Chemistry. When I was in high school very few girls took chemistry so my lab partner didn’t like the fact the he was assigned to one of the few girls in the class. So he treated me more like his lab assistant than his chemistry lab partner.

When we received our first report card of the year he asked me what grade I received for chemistry and told me that he had a B, which was considered to be a good grade at that time, thinking he had a better grade than I did. So he was surprised when I told him I got an A in chemistry. He then started to treat me with a lot more respect when we did labs together.

Years later at our 45th high school reunion he asked if I remembered him and told me that we were lab partners in chemistry. I simply smiled and said yes without saying how I remembered him, and we the had a very nice chat. . He actually grew up to be a very nice man who was a successful physician

I was talking to my son the other day about kids in his school.
He was describing one kid that we both know is a jerk, but my son said, “he will grow out of it and I could see myself having a beer with him in 10 years”, we mentioned another kid and my son said, “he is a snake, which I don’t get because his parents are awesome, and I will never have anything to do with him”.

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