What are we teaching our youth?

This is a leader of young athletes, a mentor, and an alleged role model.

Yet what she is teaching is to never admit you are wrong regardless of the evidence.

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I was taught that sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Some of today’s youth are taught to be whinny little babies and if they can’t prove something to double down on their whining. Where is Jussie Smollett’s legal team when you need them?

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Yes, she is also saying that you are sorry is a weakness. Acknowledging that you made a mistake shows that you are unsure, that you need someone else’s approval. Never admit to anything, and punch back 10 times harder than you are being attacked

One of the reasons my son and I can do projects at home is because I may yell, and even yell at him. But he knows in the end if I yelled at him I will apologize if it was just something in the moment and not his fault.

When it comes to racism…its ready, fire, aim…


Exactly. From the article, “She stood by her conviction to protect her players.” What is she protecting her players from?


Mean words.


What the fuck does that have to do with this idiot coach?


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This post is a great example of admitting a mistake and making amends

your a pretty decent dude.

Her perception that a fan engaged in hate speech.

Which I always appreciate from KC.

Yes totally agree. I enjoy discussing issues with KC even when we can’t get the other to agree because I feel like he’s posting his true opinion and sincere in that opinion. Of course that means sometimes I bet we both feel we’re hitting brick walls

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