What about Vanna?

Burning Question of the Day.

Would you keep Vanna: She wants more money.
Franky, I would not keep her even at less money.
Seems like a good time to clean the slate and start anew.

Everyone is replaceable.

At what point is it enough money? I’ve been begged to stay another year at my company and there would be significant upside to me staying. But I’ve given them 33 years to figure out their staffing, not sure 1 more is meaningful to anybody but me. I’ve put my time in and my money is right.

And Vanna has been a pretty astute real estate investor in LA investor, accumulating a net worth greater than Pat Sajak’s.

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That’s where to be

High finance - high costs

Just ask Suzanne Somers.


There is no greater asset class to build wealth…good for her. The tax benefits are second to none. If I would have gotten into it 5 years sooner I would have been retired around 47.

Seems a clean break is better than a slow change.
Vanna only has a few more years.
She is pleasant but any attractive woman could do as well. Time for a new team or go the Jeopardy route… the board is now automated… no real need for a letter turner.

Boomers watch Vanna on Wheel of Fortune, they’d notice her absence. They don’t like change, could be enough to get them to tune out.

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