Well, that trade didn't work out so well - Russell Wilson

They may have been better keeping Drew Lock

$85 Million dead cap!!!

Time to bite the bullet and go through salary cap purgatory.

Yep, two more years of futility, maybe take a flyer on a franchise QB in the draft in the next year or two.

I remember in 2018 when the Bills had $51 million in dead cap space. They bit the bullet and got through that fine.

The Titans tried to ride it out with Tannehill.
They should have bit the bullet two years ago.

It could be worse.

And what happens if Watson starts groping women in Cleveland?

More on the saga:

I don’t blame Wilson one bit for telling the Broncos to take that proposal and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

One other thought: If you were a free agent considering where to sign, what would you think of the Broncos after the way things have played out and continue to play out there?

Several sources are now disputing this narrative, so who knows?

But, second year in a row a team has benched a QB to avoid the injury clause kicking in. Seems like these clauses would provide the players some protection, but they’re backfiring.


I think the Broncos management who made the decisions to trade for Wilson and then give him that king-sized contract extension before he even played a down for them should want that police escort a lot more than Wilson would.

Wilson has confirmed it.

I would say the clauses are working as intended. Wilson does not need to worry about being cut after seriously being injured. That will protect him for when he looks for another team after the Broncos inevitably release him.


Think it’s funny when you have OJ riding a Bronco and have a Broncos player photoshopped into a Ford Bronco - can’t beat the irony. Only it’s the I-5

Oh I forgot - it’s a slow speed chase