Welcome to Winter

Good day to stay in and eat a turkey sandwich.


Is that your property @jimtoo ??

Looking down my driveway.

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My driveway is substantially less picturesque.

We usually have a better view of the mountains. About half the snow has already melted and most, if not all, will be gone before dark.

My house is in the middle. Taken with a drone probably 200 feet in the air[can’t quite remember the altitude]

Ice cream time!!! Celebrate the season

Looks like an amazing spot Jim, I could see myself in the high desert.

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Flying a drone around here might be target practice for someone else.

Sun is near setting now, and the snow is gone from driveways and roads after the temps got into the 40s today and the sun shone much of the day. That’s pretty common at a higher elevation with low humidity.

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Starting to come down in my area.
Don’t know if we will get any accumulation

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I love snow. Used to live in central Mass where it snowed a good amount each year

Well one such year, we had to go to school till June 27th because we had a superintendent who cancelled school for 1-3 inches of snow and not an ice event

Now I live in DC and we rarely get snow. Such a difference. I miss those 48-60 in snow winters

But in central MA, it was enough to be get the pink slip

Lived in Eastern Mass, about 20 miles from the coast. Back in 1978 had the Mother of all Snow storms. It is now referred to as “The Blizzard of 78”.

Under the big mound is my car, a 1970 Ford Maverick.

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I saw a recent meme from the 1970s with traffic driving in the snow. It said no all wheel drive, no traction control, no ABS, rear wheel drive and we managed to get where we needed to go.

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Yep. I lived in Michigan for the first half century. Learned to drive with those RWD cars and no positraction, which really meant most power was sent to one rear wheel. I drove manual shift RWD cars for a couple of decades. You either learn how to drive in winter weather or you get damaged.

Here, people have troubles driving in the rain. Whenever it snows, which fortunately is not that often, we need a special reason to venture out into the driving adventure.


Not me in the picture[my Father], first car I learned to drive in. It was a 1963 Ford Country Squire. Used to call it a “Beach Wagon”.

It was an Automatic but no Power steering or brakes. For the winter, put on studded snow tires in the back.

Wasn’t yet born for it - referring to 1994

We had one storm in 2016 that wasn’t as much but 33 inches was a lot to shovel out of - it’s great to see amazing neighbors. The total man hours to shovel out my fiancés car - 8 hours and 2 hours for my car

My fiancés car was in front of the plows dump. I spent about an hour and then six neighbors helped

(January 2016 United States blizzard - Wikipedia)

Pro tip. Dont eat the yellow snow. Its not lemon flavored.

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