Weight loss plateau

Anyone ever hit plateaus?

I am 1.5 lbs away from my goal, and the scale just quit moving.

I had been cutting hard at close to 1,000 daily calorie deficit.

Funny thing is, I sat on my ass for a day and ate a 400-calorie surplus – next day scale was back down.

Body is hilarious like that. I’m guessing it has to do with hormones and water weight.

Cycle the calories.

Can Calorie Cycling Help to Manage Your Weight? (healthline.com)

I use to have a book on this topic. The theory is the body will go into starvation mode and try to keep the fat from leaving. By cycling, you keep burning the fat when you are caloric negative. This was an old body builder plan to get lean before the competition.

That’s cool. I definitely like the idea of cycling. Was trying to do 5 days cut, 2 days rest, but that’s probably too much, especially at a rate of 1K per day.

Body definitely does not like to burn indefinitely. Gotta give it a break or it fears wasting away.