Website is unsafe

I have a Windows computer with Avast as my anti-virus. When I click on this site ,get this message.

“This website has been marked as a phishing site. Phishing is an attempt to steal sensitive information from you like passwords, credit card numbers, etc.”

Also have a Chromebook, works fine.

Have never seen that message before on this site.

That’s a reputation engine giving you that response.

I suspect since we have low traffic, it doesn’t know how to classify it.

Do they have a forum you could ask?

Not really. No big deal,can just use the Chromebook.


Same problem. Using android phone now.

Trying to delete Avast… cannot find it in programs list. Googled. Nothing working.

I submitted a false positive to avast.

Please do the same

Test again. It should work now.

It is fine now.

Thanks! Did not know I had Avast on this PC.
I added it to the Win 7 but for Win 10, I am, or thought I was, just using the Windows Built in Security.

I have similar problem with AT&T (my ISP) no option to go around. This is a Conservative site that sends Emails.

Actually you do. They would have a complaint process. Most likely they use Cloudmark which often triggers on conservative content.

I think it should be a warning not a hard stop.
There needs to be an easy go-around option.
The site has not been important enough to me to go further… just an annoyance.

Thanks for the idea.

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