We have always been at war

… with Eastasia.

For 18 months we have been told by “reputable” sources that any face covering was the golden ticket out of the pandemic.

But now….

Not only should you only wear 95s or 94s, you need to become a professional purchasing agent to make sure you are getting a real one

Shove it up your ass!!

That would be as effective as wearing it on your face.

Or, you could get vaccinated, and boosted, and not have to be as concerned about getting covid-19 and dying.
I just looked at the government stats from October. Compared to those who have been fully vaccinated, including the booster shot, the unvaccinated who got covid-19, had a 20 times greater chance of dying.
So you can poke fun at mask recommendations, which the unvaccinated tend to shun anyway.

The vast majority on this site are.

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800,000 people died because Fauci recommended a cloth masks after recommending they didn’t.

It should have been N-95 masks for all. Than we could have lived our lives and not worried spreading the China virus to everyone. 18 months ago, everyone’s life could have returned to normal

By the way if Fauci didn’t study Corona viruses and save a little taxpayer coin by studying diseases in China, we may never have had the lab leaked virus