We Got Our Ass Beat

OK, he’s still an asshole, but he’s the GOAT.

Defense should have won MVP though.

Agreed. He won it because of the defense.

That said, it was a boring game but I was happy with the result. I was happy to see the Pats miss the playoffs and Chiefs lose the superbowl because I’m not the biggest fan of running QBs. That said, I’m not sure if Mahommes or Lamar Jackson are better.

Do you want to talk about sour grapes?

Actually…the Chiefs won. Because Andy Reid said they won. There was a massive fraud and they actually kicked the Bucs butt. “We were ahead and all of the sudden all these points started coming in…almost all of them for the Bucs” Reid said. They are filing a motion in federal courts to “stop the steal”.

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Agreed, but the refs WERE calling a lot of things that they weren’t calling in the playoffs. That didn’t cost them the game though. I think we saw the role that Eric Fisher played in keeping Mahomes off his back. I think that the announcers pointed out that the loss of Fisher ended up affecting 3 different positions.

I think the “yellow gloves” some of the KC dBacks were wearing were a tell. I could clearly see those hands of yellow on our new QLED 65’’ screen everytime one of them tugged on the Bucs’ jersey or any body parts. I’m sure the refs could, too.


BM, that one is good.


Not possible. They didn’t stop play and tell the chief’s fans to go home for the night then continue play after they left.

With one second left on the clock and then wondering WHAT HAPPENED, lol.

Than as each touchdown is scored, a penalty flag is thrown and one second is put back on the clock each time. The rules are completely disregarded and the game not ended until the desired result is achieved.

And that doesn’t include the fact that Hugo Chavez and the Chinese conspired with the “Domination” scoreboard software that gave Chiefs touchdowns to the Bucs.

But doesn’t it show how stupid the “stop the steal” rhetoric has been?

Rumor has it, Brady being a supporter said “This one’s for Trump”! Unconfirmed though.