Was Hitlers antisemitism

the reason he lost World War II?

It’s really scary that him believing Jews were subhuman meant the murder of almost 6 million Jews and 7 million others. I don’t exactly approve how many Nazis avoided punishment because they helped us win the war and later in the space program

I believe Albert Einstein had to flee Germany because he was a Jewish individual

I saw a documentary yesterday called Nazitown USA. It was about the German American Bund. I was not aware of this group. I knew about Henry Ford’s antisemitism, but was unaware of this group. It’s a PBS documentary on the American Experience. I realize since it’s PBS people will say that it is biased and is trying to link some of the events today to back then. Maybe it should be. but it’s a very interesting documentary. Bottom line, antisemitism and Nazism weren’t limited to Germany.


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