Warning: Facebook’s privacy settings can’t fully protect your personal info

It’s been known for a long time that Facebook had a ton of holes in it. Does everybody have naked pictures of themselves today? Seems that if you want to keep pictures of your hoo hah from being spread on the internet, maybe you shouldn’t use a “free” platform to do it.

An old girlfriend sent me some sexy selfies on Messenger a few years ago, I deleted them and reminded her I was happily married. If I was a douche I could have forwarded the pics to my buddies but I didn’t, and they were pretty hot. I wouldn’t put anything anywhere online (social media, text, message board, email, etc) that I wouldn’t hang on my living room wall.


I think I’m pretty good with computers. But when you go into Facebook’s settings it’s a ridiculous shitshow. They must have had lawyers construct the questions because you never know exactly what a statement means. And the number of sections are stupid. FB really doesn’t want you to restrict ANYTHING and they make it hard to lock down your account.

THta’s true…you can check a box that says you don’t give THEM permission to share your stuff…but odds are pretty damned good that YOU give hackers/strangers most of the information that would have been shared anyways.

The bigget one that scammers use are those stupid “no word begins with W and ends with G - prove me WronG.” And people respond in droves to shit like that. Seems innocent enough. But the default settings for “who can see my friends” is public. A scammer simply has to see if a users profile is open, note their friends, and then attempt to scam them…or you.

But it’s amazing the way that smartphones and computers and the internet has allowed us to become our own porn producers. Somebody’s cloud account was hacked and their “personal” photo’s were shared. Most of the women I have know really don’t want a picture of my junk. They’d actually rather see it in person. It might make an interesting poll…how many people have pictures of themselves naked on their phone or computer?

Great advice!

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