Someone who delivers for Doordash posted this on another site.

Seems that Walmart is using Doordash to Deliver “2 day Delivery” from their stores.

The OP was complaining that the Compensation rates are too low and encouraging TIPPING for “2 DAY DELIVERY”.
The OP apparently is calling to be sure someone is home before making the delivery.

Do you expect to be present for a 2 Day delivery?
Do you expect to tip a 2 day Delivery?

Is the OP right to bad mouth WalMart/Doordash?

Before I got my first career job, I had 6 low level jobs…
One I quit after 2 hours. Maybe that is what the OP should do.

Will this make other Employers less likely to hire the OP?

I don’t care how Wal Mart delivers, but I already paid for it, I am not tipping.

then don’t take the job.

Exactly, those delivery services are almost exclusively a side gig and the drivers can either say yes or no.

People should quit a job they don’t like instead of whine about it.

IMO quiting a entry level job won’t hurt your chances of getting another job, especially another entry level job. It’s a good time for some workers to change jobs, there’s a lot of “help wanted” signs out there.

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I agree, it’s like tipping the Amazon or FedEx driver to throw a package on your porch. I will offer a delivery driver a bottle of water or soda if I’m in my garage and see them pull up. One guy took a Corona fizzy water my wife had in the garage fridge, he said he’d drink it later.

My son’s buddy did Door dash and liked it, he knew when and where to work and was averaging over $20 an hour. He like he could choose his hours and work when he wanted to.

Right now there are a lot of jobs available. I might have more empathy if there weren’t a lot of jobs available.

I just read Amazon is offering to pay for 4 years of college for employees, plus their starting pay is $15 an hour and has very reasonable health insurance costs. IMO a great opportunity for someone looking to get out of poverty or can’t afford college.

Quick Trip is a great company for someone who doesn’t desire to go to college.
My son works there part time, and even though he is going to college, he has stated that it would be a great fit for some of his friends that aren’t.

Sometimes it takes a few years for an 18 year old to figure out what they want to do for a living, but they need to start somewhere. I know smart kids that hated and quit college, but found something they liked doing that paid the bills and they didn’t dread going to work everyday.

With the disclaimer that I am not very familiar with DoorDash’s business model and fees, I think I can surmise that DoorDash probably does not pay all that much for delivery fees and that their business model expects drivers to get a lot of tips as well. That works fine for restaurant delivery, when it is implicitly expected that the customer is will tip.

That has never been the expectation for on-line orders of merchandise from vendors like Wal-Mart and Amazon, where there is already a delivery fee added or the fee is included elsewhere (i.e. built into item cost, Prime annual fee, etc). I am guessing that DoorDash offered the same payment terms to Wal-Mart and the DoorDash employees, only the end customer does not see why he should be tipping for this delivery. Thus, the employee get the short end of the stick on Wal-Mart orders.

At the end of the day if enough DoorDash employees quit over this policy, DoorDash will need to adjust its business model for Wal-Mart deliveries. The DoorDash employees’ beefs are with DoorDash, not the end user customers to whom they are delivering.

The OP mentioned that the fee was mileage based for walmart.
I seem to recall, it was like 2 or 3 bucks if within about 5 to 7 miles and more for longer deliveries. Since it is 2 day delivery (non perishables), I wonder the flexibility of bundling deliveries by area.

I recall delivering for a Florist over an Easter Holiday while in school. I was to get .50 a delivery. Thursday and Friday, I did awful… going to Funeral Parlors. etc.
However on Saturday there were lots of Corsages, small boxed stuff… I loaded up the car… planned my route and that day more than made up for the 2 losers.

Let me add. The Florist had a Regular Driver. I was there for the Overflow. I noticed that the regular driver/truck was not given the Funeral Homes. I also knew they were making the corsages etc overnight. I got there Saturday a half hour before the Regular Driver to cherry pick the deliveries. Sometimes you need to know how to play the game.

That’s what my son’s buddy did, he’d park near a string of fast casual restaurants and bars during peak times and do a few deliveries at a time, especially the ones a little further out.

Amazon has a program where you pick up a load in your own car and deliver to a neighborhood, it was usually 10-12 deliveries and take an hour or two. I can’t remember what it’s called.

As long as Wal-Mart is in this conversation, I will mention that I have said earlier that I wonder how long it will be before Wal-Mart has tip jars for its greeters. I used to say that sarcastically, but now I am at least 50% serious.

No way would I tip a 2 day delivery driver even if it was doordash. I give my postal carrier $20 around Christmas and if I had a business I’d likely give the UPS guy something if it was always the same guy.

This may seem like a harsh approach, but if a DoorDash employee asks for a tip for a Wal-Mart delivery, I think the best thing to do is to respond by asking him if he tips the postal carrier or UPS or FedEx driver for delivering his packages to him. If he responds that this is different because he works for DoorDash and they don’t pay enough, tell him that he needs to take that up with DoorDash.

This is yet another example of how tipping continues to get more and more out of control in this country.

I hate tipping. Not because I’m Cheap but it’s a hidden cost added to more and more things.

Those collecting tips like it. They get some tax free income.

I’ll generally toss a buck in the jar at a fast food restaurant like Subway or a burrito place. I also like to tip the housekeepers at hotels, because they do tons of work that can make or break your stay, and get paid garbage.

Usually $2-3, and only if the room was in good shape.