Walker Hayes music

Is the worst garbage ever foisted onto radio listeners.

Change my mind.

Finally found something everyone can agree on!!

I’m finding a frightfully large number of otherwise intelligent people – mostly women – appear to like this trash.

I want to make sure this isn’t just me. (Because if it is, I need to move to sub-Saharan Africa and join the Masai or some other tribal culture isolated from modern brain-poison pop culture.)

Wow, I never heard of this guy before this pst and wish I hadn’t. Turned it off after ten seconds.

Guys like this are why I haven’t listened to country radio in years.

We need to put together a group of mercenaries to kidnap and waterboard all Country music execs.

I haven’t researched this, but I suspect he is roundly hated by real country musicians.

His country pop is the worst kind of popular tripe. Boy band equivalent level doucheitude.

I don’t recall much about your musical tastes, but maybe you’d like this guy.

I don’t mind things changing, evolving. But the douchebaggery of what makes country radio (Chris Stapleton seeming to be the lone exception) is mindboggling.

I’m actually not a country guy for the most part, but I did enjoy that. Thanks for sharing.

All i recall of your musical taste is some comments you made about the Traveling Wilbury albums, which i ended up agreeing with when i listened.

Wow that’s good memory. I think that was quite a while ago.

At least it ain’t bad rock 'n roll being foisted off as country music.

Not exactly what I want to listen to, but I have certainly heard lots worse.

I don’t know dude, did you listen to Fancy Like?

I threw up in my mouth a little at that one.

I will say this.
Spotify is predictive and suggests music, and has never suggested Walker Hayes for me!!

If you want “real” Country music try;
Casey Donahue
Jason Boland
Ned Ledoux

Country music changed in the early 80’s and the demographic is middle-aged woman. I can listen to Cash, Haggard, Willie, Hank sr, Loretta Lynn and others who are probably dead now all day, but this new crap just sucks.

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Not really into Country music but all of the new stuff sounds the same…very boring.

The elements of a perfect country and western song are well settled and demonstrated, with Steve Goodman’s added verse to “You never even called me by my name.” Narrative starts at about 3 minutes in, in case you have trouble listening to David Allan Coe :wink:

My “go to” karaoke song.
I can’t sing, so get the whole crowd to join in.