Virgin Hyperloop selects West Virginia as the future home of its new high-tech certification center

Virgin Hyperloop is investing $500 million to build what could one day be the future of high-speed transportation. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice announced a partnership to bring the Virgin Hyperloop Certification Center to Tucker County in West Virginia.

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At first I thought they were getting the first hyperloop, but it is the testing center.
That would be a great opportunity for a kid out of college in a STEM field.

Whoever made the location decision did a very noble thing, placing it in an impoverished state like West Virginia. I am so happy for the people there.

I had the idea for this years ago. I assumed it wasn’t feasible since other hasn’t come up with the idea.

That’s why I like Musk. He has the right mix of crazy to get things done.

I would venture a guess the land is cheap and cost of living is low.