Very, very few takers for that new COVID booster

I wonder why this article ignores the fact that the vaccine has only been available for a couple of weeks, and many providers are still having difficulty getting it. Here’s a completely different take on the same data.

Sorry J2 I think it is still relevant! There is low uptake because people are waking up to the scam. The pandemic now is one of the vaccinated! Get that jab and you are far more likely to get the covid.

The whole thing was a Plan Demic! A fabricated (sometimes deadly) virus and an experimental “vaccine” supposedly to combat it. I think major intent was to bankroll big pharma, and it worked! Too bad the side effects and deaths are off the charts in comparison to all other vaccines in history.

The CDC is now advising everyone who has minor cold symptoms to get a covid test to make sure it isn’t covid but think there should be more judgement involved when making that decision.

I got covid during the lockdown almost four years ago and I never would have mistaken that illness for a cold because I ran a high fever for days, had a very painful sore throat, and could barely stay awake for three weeks. No medical professional would have referred me for a covid test at that time if I just had the symptoms of a common cold. In addition, that advice implies that everyone should get a covid shot whenever their seasonal allergies act up since the symptoms for a cold are similar to the ones for an allergy.

If everyone followed that advice they would spend the majority of their life getting covid tests.

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That will be the case for the next 100 years.


Here is my issue. What does the test change? Nothing. If you’re sick stay home. If you’re super sick go to the hospital. Flu. Cold. Covid. It’s all the same. Stay home.


A lot of workplaces are still dumb enough to offer an unlimited number of PTO instances for covid.

And I suspect they are dumb enough not to require proof of the test either.

Whole new industry of hypochondria.

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There is a whole website of test for that reason.

By the time I got it I had to take sick time.

Sounds like your employer possesses a :brain:

Many seem not to.

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Not really, just went by CDC recommendations

Yes when I had COVID, it was a greatly reduced form than the original. Omnicron was more in line with the cold then original SARS-COV-2