Verify Contractor Liability Insurance?

I am about to hire a dozer company to clear about 12 acres of dense forest to open more grazing for horses. The company seems legit and I asked for the insurance certificate and he promptly sent it.

Should I call the insurance agent and verify the policy is still valid?

It appears that they have $1mm general liability, $5mm umbrella, $1MM workers comp. They are going to be dozing huge trees with many widow makers from an ice storm many years ago.

To me $200/hr seems like a good deal. Should cost $8-10K to clear about 10-12 acres.

I’ve used this website here in CA. and got information on licenses active, bond amounts etc. Maybe your state has one too.

Check A License - CSLB (

Missouri has one too.

How many hours are they going to take ? I’d suspect it’ll be 8-10k

40-50 hrs. Hopefully they get started tomorrow.

I emailed the contact and verified insurance. Today the dozer showed up. The woods is so overgrown that it is not useful.

Here is the before picture.