Vacations Before the Internet

How did you plan and book your vacations before the internet when you didn’t want to use a travel agency?

Before the internet, I was mostly broke. I had a booklet that showed every Motel 6 in the country. I called ahead to book a room.

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Atlas and maps.
When I was in the Army I would plan my stops at Air Force bases so I could stay for minimal cost.

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I also remember calling every airline to find the cheapest ticket.

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Wouldn’t work too well today. Seeing on-base rates of $84… $109…

I remember when the rate was $27, back in 2007. It has now more than quadrupled, looking at the $109.

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AAA hotel book.

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In the 90’s I stopped and they were out of enlisted housing, so I rented an Officer housing for $27 a night. It was literally a small two bedroom apartment.

The recent one I’ve seen going for $109 is an old crappy room converted over from dorms. No moisture evacuation system or anything.

That is crazy, it was one of the best perks of traveling while in the military

wmj - We, also, used the AAA hotel book. In addition, we would sometimes write a letter to the Chamber of Commerce of a town or city we planned to visit to request information on places to stay in their area.

Yep, and then once everything got privatized, the looters came in & raked in huge profits at government expense in exchange for crappy lodging quarters.

  • AAA Maps and the recommended places to see in the hotel book.
    How else would someone see the Corn Palace and Wall Drug.

The AAA office in our town is closing. Older people are very upset. They’re used to going in person.

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