Update: Charges dropped against Scottie Scheffler from Louisville arrest

Update to earlier thread:

This is not a good look for the cop who arrested him. More on that officer:
Louisville police officer who arrested Scottie Scheffler had been previously suspended

Seems like he once got caught in a scene from the movie Superbad!

One of my best friends is a cop. He very wisely told me one time that cops are just like anyone else in any other line of work:

Only half of them actually know what they are doing, and only about 10% care enough to do it well.

Despite my staunch criticism of the 2020 BLM violence (as well as the left’s complete and total denial that widespread criminal violence occurred and was fueled by a false narrative in this acute George Floyd case), I do have to wonder how many black citizens have been treated the way Scheffler was here.

That might explain a lot of the distrust that a huge number of black citizens seems to feel towards the police.

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Cops aren’t racist towards black people, Parrot has told me that at least a dozen times.

A lot of white citizens too.
I have told the story before, I once had a desk Sergeant try to “train” me on how to get someone to either waive their Miranda rights, or to talk after them.
I politely (legit, since he outranked me) that I would not violate the Constitution.

And he is right.
George Floyd is an example that proves it.

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Are you speaking in the third person?

Yes, just for effect

I often agree with myself too, not always.

Which reminds me of what Hotep Jesus always says:

Racism isn’t really a thing anymore. What we do have is classism disguised as racism.

Poor people cannot afford lawyers and therefore are ripe targets of abuse by the state. Disproportionately more black people are poor, hence the left’s disguising the issue as racism works on most observers.

Ding, ding, ding!!!

Which should be addressed, but nobody is willing to have the hard conversations about why without being labeled as RACIST.

Replace black with poor and it’d be more accurate.

Cops are rarely racist. They are often biased against poor people.

There’s some understandable reason for that.

Poor people are more likely to be combative, for a number of reasons.

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Not really your best example. Cops in that case were convicted.

More like to have a record, have a fucked up car, etc. also they are less sympathetic since they typically are not educated and don’t have good jobs.

Nothing to do with his race.
I never defended the cops.

Conviction means a jury concurred. It doesn’t mean his guilt is irrefutable. Juries are comprised of people, and people are often stupid and/or wrong.

Guilty verdicts are frequently overturned, sometimes years later.

Floyd’s autopsy said he did not sustain life threatening injuries. He was killed by a drug OD.

Which is why the jury looked not just at his injuries, but what the police did and didn’t do. It came down to duty of care. Cop kept kneeling on his neck long after he lost his pulse.

That doesn’t make him or the others racists.

To say so would be 100% speculative — and remember, you mentioned his conviction as a rebuttal to parrot saying the cops were not racist.

It looks like negligence to me, not murder. There’s also no reliable indication he would have survived his OD death if the cops had gotten him up off the ground.

The left’s arguments here are holier than Swiss cheese.

You should watch the documentary on this. Cop wasn’t on his neck.