Unintended Consequences

With the drastic overreach of the Federal Government to allow people to stay in their rentals without paying, an unintended consequence may result:

Its really just a natural experiment of how people will react when given “free” money from the government. These houses will get bought up by homeowners and taken out of the rental pool resulting in…wait for it…higher rental prices.

I have been stockpiling cash in hopes of picking up more rental properties, but the demand for housing isn’t going to allow any downward pressure from people selling their rentals due to deadbeat tenants squatting…

One more thing. In my rental property areas, landlords are keeping lists of people taking advantage of these draconian “get out of rent free” orders. So when there are any vacancies in the future, we can cross-reference with the list of non-payers. Action → Reaction.

I thought that federal judges ruled the CDC ban unconstitutional but did not force national moratorium on the order. Biden deciding to re up the current ban could piss off a federal judge enough to stop the eviction moratorium. Essentially what is happening, is the government is taking control of private property. Worse yet this is happening with no compensation.