Unabomber dead

Good, the tax payers don’t have to support him anymore…

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The documentary on Kaczynski was interesting, I think it was on Netflix.

Bears, are you talking about the Doc that included his brother and how he was eventually caught? That was very interesting, the brother and his wife recognized his writing style and turned him into the FBI.

Im all about baddies taking themselves out but i see the argument for living the rest of their days in a cell. In this case, he couldve died in the chair but clearly losing freedom until you die is the worse penalty.

Yes, I watched a year or two ago. I thought it was well done and covered everything you wanted to know.

I agree but some people don’t care about freedom as long as they have 3 hots and a cot.

My daughter and I watched the documentary together and I was having lunch with her yesterday when I saw the news in twitter.

If I were the family of a victim I would see it differently…

I think his brother made a deal with the FBI, no death penalty.

Tough position for the guy, turning in your own brother knowing he’ll never see freedom again.

I can see that argument, but if i lost a loved one i think id want him to think about his life for 30 years. Unless they let me kill him with my bare hands, in that case the death penalty is good.

In that documentary they interviewed the brother and wife. When the “manifesto” was published (I think) the wife noticed the way it was worded and asked husband “It sounds like your brothers writing.” Husband eventually realized she was right. Then made the agonizing decision to go to the FBI. Teds brother and wife realized if they kept quiet Ted would probably kill again.

Did they mention the theory he was the zodiac killer

I watched it a couple years ago, but I don’t recall that.

Haven’t followed closely, but aren’t the MOs entirely different?

Yes but there are some interesting ties.

In the police academy, one of my instructors worked the case. I can’t remember if it was then or later his name came up.

I am not a crypto guy but the claim is zodiac used advanced math to encode the messages. That is one of the ties.

The murders also match when he was in the area and Stop after he left.

Now I know crypto a bit but I don’t remember the zodiac using advanced math.

It’s a good story. Not sure how accurate it is.