Ummmm.....can't have it both ways

The CDC is again recommending masks in some areas (not discussing the effectiveness).

But Biden wants to life the Title 42 policy that is directly related to the Covid pandemic.

Maybe the CDC director should be subpoenaed to testify to SCOTUS as to why Title 42 is still needed.

Keep in mind the Biden administration transported illegal aliens from Texas to various parts of the country in the middle of the night, without notifying local authorities, during the height of covid. So it is obvious to me that Biden doesn’t care about covid and never did.

I’d be interested to see the number of rampant covid cases that Americans contracted from this illegals. There must be a ton of documented cases of “Biden illegals covid” all over the US>

At this point covid is just an excuse for politicians and other assholes to push their agendas.

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No KC you are only interested in banter.

Presuming all the illegal aliens are free of Wuhan Flu, then by what logic should normal citizens be forced to mask up, socialist distance, and get another jab? If Creepy Joe was interested in doing his job and protecting Americans, he should go after every illegal alien with a Fauci Flu shot!

Come to think of it, that might be a wonderful idea! Bunch of them might very well turn around rather than take the poison shots.

I read all this stuff about Biden spreading covid (which you think is a hoax anyways) by sending illegals everywhere, so I’d just like to see the documentation of just how many of these cases (hoaxes?) they spread. I mean…your avatar seems to show just how you feel about covid.

KC, the CDC is saying that we need to mask in certain areas.
It is his own people saying that.

I am responding to the comment that Biden didn’t care about covid because he flew covid infested illegals all over the country in the dead of the night. I only wonder how many documented cases of Murricans’ getting covid from illegals that there are.

Let me clarify my point. These illegal aliens, who were flown all over the country, were not tested for covid. So there is no way of knowing how many of them were infected with covid.

However, what I do know is that the covid situation was so bad while this was taking place that my husband had to stay in the emergency room for three days before a room in the hospital became available because the hospital was overwhelmed by covid patients who were never vaccinated. That situation was very dangerous because my husband wasn’t allowed to get out of the stretcher without their assistance because he had passed out a few times while he was there and the stretcher did not have a call button. To make matters even worse, the ER was so overcrowded that they placed his stretcher in a hallway outside the ER where they couldn’t have even heard him if he screamed for help.

Then when he finally got a hospital bed they discharged him from the hospital before it was safe for them to do so because the hospitalist said that he could get the same treatment at a skilled nursing facility that he was getting at the hospital. It turned out they were wrong and consequently my husband was sent back in the ER not long after he was discharged from the hospital.

Nobody has ever been capable of contact tracing that accurately.
The point is that you can’t argue that Covid is still bad enough that masks are needed and in the same breath say that an actual effective Covid policy is no longer needed.