facts matter?

Did we forget that he skipped an opportunity to try out for numerous teams?

What opportunity is that? You keep misrepresenting timelines in your hatred of Kaep. He has not ever been offered a spot on any team.

I believe he was offered an opportunity to try out for several teams but backed out of it.

He flaked when he had the chance.
Either he knows he no longer has it, or is too happy being a celebrity.

Yeah, he didn’t trust the NFL, probably for good reason. They also don’t trust him, maybe also good reason. But a workout was held.

He’s not playing in the league again and he knows it. It’s not for football reasons and everyone knows it.

Because they are capitalists, and signing him would hurt their bottom line, yet they gave him an opportunity anyway and he blew them off.

Over an hour drive away, changed at the last minute. It was about as much of a workout as filming a commercial.

Correct, it is because he is a D-Bag.

Parrot already replied with a cite, but this was discussed on the CHB as well. You too participated in that thread.

And, to clarify, Parrot said that Kaepernick was offered the opportunity to try out. That did not misrepresent anything. He never said that Kaepernick was offered a spot on any team.

Yes, in other threads, Parrot has claimed that the Broncos and at least one other team offered Kaep a spot and he turned it down. That, of course, was before the controversy even started. It was a trade offer, with a massive salary cut. Since leaving the 9ers, Kaep has not been offered a spot on any team.

I discussed this with Parrot in this thread. He made that point, I replied with the same point you did, and Parrot acknowledged that point. It should be a done thing.

One can hope.

I agree, Kap should be a “done thing”, but apparently Netflix thinks it can make a buck or two off his ignorant ass.

To clarify, I meant the discussion on what Parrot said about Kaepernick and the Broncos should be a done thing.

As for the subject of Kaepernick himself, who knows (or cares) how long that subject will go on?

There are several people not in the league and also not for football reasons…Gruden just joined that list. When you make certain choices they produce certain results. Deal with it…