UConn's Dan Hurley plans to make final decision about Lakers offer on Monday: Report

I want to see Hurley turn the Lakers down just for the entertainment value of seeing the local sports columnists and sports talk radio show hosts - not to mention entitled Laker fans - implode over this.

Looking at it objectively, I think Hurley would be making a big mistake going to the NBA in general and especially the Lakers. His coaching style is much more suited for the college game. And, the Lakers are no longer the well-run marquee organization they were before Jerry Buss passed away.

The one thing that might be enough for Hurley to go the Lakers would be a big fat guaranteed contract. Then, if he got canned later on, he could still pocket the money while going back to college.

UPDATE: Just saw where he didnt take the Lakers offer.

I would be disappointed if he took the Lakers deal. He is likely just posturing to get a bigger deal from UConn.

I can’t wait to see the LA Times sports page tomorrow.

And it starts:

I think this snippet best sums up what has been wrong with the Lakers ever since Jerry Buss passes away:

Are the Lakers trying to get premium coaches on discount because of the prestige of coaching the league’s most famous franchise? Is this Lakers exceptionalism getting in the way of making the best possible hire?

The above broader point about “Lakers exceptionslism” applies to players too, not just coaches.

Bill Plaschke doesn’t let me down.

Here is another article:

The title is amusing in a way. Of course it is asking if LeBron will be the next to reject the Lakers. However, a sarcastic take would be if LeBron will be the next candidate to coach the Lakers, which has been sarcastically thrown out as a suggestion.