Two takes

  1. I am actually amazed that an NBC reporter would ask an actual question with merit.

  2. Does Psaki just make shit up or is she just stupid?

She said they’re not projecting that from the bill. The writer of the article ignored that part, as did you.

Do you think Psaki is as stupid as she appears to be or just feels that it is her job to defend the Biden administration when it does things that are indefensible and doesn’t believe most of what she says.

I think that’s just her job…to put a positive spin on anything the White House does. That’s a full time job these days.

The article doesn’t even make that claim.

The article says nobody is sure.

I will say the bill is a waste of money. They also won’t generate enough taxes to pay for it as they claim. Every time they’ve increased taxes, they’ve lose revenue.

No, she is just as stupid as she appears.

Read the question she was asked.

I did. Economists say it may cause inflation. Her answer is false.

So, economists say that what is in the bill causes inflation.
They also predict inflation is coming.
And they do this right after the bill is passed.
But “no economist” is saying that?

What are you and Psaki smoking?
Will it show up on a urinalysis?
And where can I get some?

Economists are not saying that the bill will cause inflation. Some maybe, but not most.

BTW, back in the 90s, I worked with someone who was completing her dissertation, which was on something about drug testing. She had tendonitis or something, and was using an early version of some kind of speech-to-text software for Word. It had a very hard time distinguishing between “your analysis” and “urinalysis.”

She said “NONE”.
You have to have negative knowledge of economic principles to make the comments tha Psaki made.

That is funny stuff right there.

Fair enough; an overstatement. Her predecessors lied their asses off and you never seemed to care.

It isn’t just lying, it is the pure idiocy of the statement.

Democrats better do something about their runaway inflation, the midterms will be here soon and voters will blame those in power.

Ah the old what about come back.

She lied. It’s that simple.

Yes just like the 8 years of Obama lies and you never seemed to care.

BTW you lefties sure like to live in the past and ignore what is happening today, do you do that in your personal life too?

Bill Clinton