Two More Medical Groups Shun Medicare Advantage Plans

And the left wants it for everyone.

We want Medicare Advantage plans for all ?

Medicare. Same issues haunts medicare.

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Hmmm…Advantage plans ARE Medicare. It mentions pre approvals, which from what I understand may be required under some advatage plans, but not with supplement plans. And maybe Medicare payments are low, but they had been taking them all along…it seems like the hassles of the Advantage plans were adding to much hassle/cost

The main reason why I posted this article is because it provides an additional example of a point I have made a few times in this forum.

A medicare advantage program has the advantage of being less expensive because it is not necessary to buy a medicare supplementary plan like you do with traditional medicare and it covers a few things that traditional medicare does not cover. However, it has the disadvantage of limiting what doctors and medical centers you can use. For example, the Mayo Clinic accepts traditional medicare but does not accept any medicare advantage plan.

Having traditional medicare is more expensive because you need to buy a medicare supplement plan to cover copayments that traditional medicare doesn’t cover and it doesn’t provide coverage for a few things that a medicare advantage plan covers such as eye glasses. However, it gives a person the option of using any physician or medical center that accepts medicare. This is a very important consideration if a person has a very serious life threatening condition or rare illness where it is advisable to see a super specialist.

I personally have traditional medicare and a medicare supplement policy from a private insurance company because being able to get the best medical care possible is very important to me.