Two charts showing men are creeps

From the specific to the more general:


I was talking about this the other day with a female friend. Her teen son’s friends are asking her if she’s single (and related things), creeping the kid out a bit. I ended up deciding it probably wasn’t the right day for me to ask her out, though I still might.

About a month ago, I was at a brew pub with some guys in my bike group. I was the youngest in the group at 65, The waitress was in her very early 20’s, when she came to take our orders she took them all, but she said “what can I get you hon”. She took our orders and brought our beers and put mine down and said 'here you go babe". When she left, the guy beside said she called me hon and babe, he was going to go tell her to call me daddy.

It’s biological with a twist of creepy.

Men are programmed to want younger mates. Women are programmed to want someone older.

I get hit on by 20 something year old women all the time.

Biology is screwed up.

For the record it’s not because I’m so good looking. Younger women want older men.

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