Trump's Supreme Court just showed why court-packing is necessary to save U.S. democracy

I am putting this under the Humor category. Regardless as to what your politics may be, I think most of us can agree that some of the rhetoric in this article is way over the top.

Google the authors name and see the left wing tripe that she writes.

Don’t need to look any farther than the host website.

Salon is among the most laughable excuses for news.

True it is. Whichever party does it can backfire

If the Democrats do it, all it would take is one conservative Congress to change the rules and eliminate the progressive agenda and if the GOP does it, the Democrats could pass a really progressive agenda once they takeover.

The first party to change the law and then impose a supermajority requirement wins because then they can prevent the opposing party from repealing laws

The real reason Congress Democrats are so mad at the eviction decision is that SCOTUS said if it was to be done it had to be through legislation. Which means SCOTUS actually told Congress to do their fucking job.


Like most lefty sources. They are scant facts but lots of hysterics.

Both Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett presented themselves, when they were getting confirmed, as impartial judges, just calling balls and strikes. They claimed not to be political ideologues.

They have shown to be impartial or at least the article does nothing to show they’re not impartial

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Which they have not done since World War II. We should repeal the Administrative Powers Act or it should be declared unconstitutional.

They’re more libertarian / social liberal than I’d like

Here is a good OP-ed piece discussing this.

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Money line;

“Moreover, the very idea that a politically appointed bureaucrat has carte blanche to do whatever he or she wants simply by invoking a crisis is a profoundly dangerous principle. You’d think Democrats, after four years of fretting over Trump as a would-be dictator and his various assaults on democratic and constitutional norms, would have some appreciation of this.”

And another one;

" And this is what is so infuriating about the attacks on the court. For decades, the legislative and executive branches — under Democrats and Republicans alike — have refused to do their jobs as outlined in the Constitution. They behave like children, whining about what policies they want, but are unwilling do the work to get them. And then, when the Supreme Court behaves like a grown-up, preventing this administration or that one from ruling like monarchs, the politicians complain about that, too"

Wow! am I glad I sold the last of my Rentals in 2018.
I have been following Rental discussions on Reddit.
Seems the Feds are actually incenting non payment of rent.
If you are up to date on your rent, you are not eligible for certain benefits.

Landlords are being criticized for asking for higher Security deposits. I tend to think asking for a years rent in advance would make sense.

BTW, I was offered that once and declined. I wanted them in the habit of paying the rent each month. I did get a higher Security deposit.

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