Trolling with a purpose

This is why Kansas City is such a great place.

I thought it was the bbq.

That doesn’t hurt.

I’m not sure this is a troll on the part of KC fans, I think it’s a tribute to Allen’s performance. I didn’t see the game but I feel like he did his job, the defense let the team down.

To an extent, but both offenses are supercharged, so not a lot they could really do.

The trolling part is t $13 in reference to the 13 seconds.
But good natured on both sides.

Maybe, but everybody wins. The kc Fans have fun and Allen’s charity gets money and attention.

In Philly, they’d just throw icy snowballs at you.

Back in 1968, Philly fans not only booed Santa Claus, they threw snowballs at Santa.

Agreed, and it was all in good fun.

Another thing that is cool is when Mahomes went over to talk to Allen after the game he said;
“We are going to be doing this a lot, it will be fun”, acknowledging the Bills talent and showing how much he like to face elite competition.