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Who are the three actors in this photo from a 1942 movie

Hint: One of these actors played a character who had both legs amputated and when he came to said “Where is the rest of me”. In real life that actor wrote an autobiography a few decades later and used that line from this movie as the title for his book.

Another hint: The actor who wrote an autobiography based on a line in this movie subsequently held various leadership roles in politics.

One is Ronald Reagan

Very good Weenut. You are correct.

This preview from the movie indicates who the other two actors in this photo are.

Who is the man in this 1931 photo with his wife in front of their home in Pasadena

Albert Einstein

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@Weenut1 - very good. You are correct.

Who are the four boys in these photos?

The Beetles

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@crparrothead - That is correct. Weren’t they adorable!

Incorrect. Those are the Beatles.

You’re right, these are the beetles.

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And while we’re at it.

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Who are the two actors in this photo from the early eighties.

Hint: He was an actor who introduced his hit songs in his family’s TV show during the fifties and sixties.

Another Hint; He was a teenage idol and the actress with him in this photo is his daughter.

Who is the actor in this photo

Hint: He died of aids in 1985 which surprised most people at that time.

Who are the two actors/comedians in this photo from the fifties.

Hint: Writers for his TV Show included Carl Reiner, Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Larry Gelbart, and Mel Brooks.

2 up - Rock Hudson

1 up - Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca

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@jimtoo - You are correct. Can you imagine how much fun it would have been to be in a room with those writers for the Sid Caesar Show back in the day :smile:

…from Japan

Who are the two actresses in this photo