Trivia for old people

Trivia for you old people: how many can you name?

I’ll put one hint below.

Hint: this is from the CBS 50th anniversary special, which aired in 1978.

Is that Al Hitchcock up front and center?

I believe so. He was the first I noticed too. We’re roughly the same age.

I meant for the hint to be farther down, but the board may not allow the blank space.

I’ve already admitted to being old, so here goes. That is Hitchcock in the middle front. I think that is Mary Tyler Moore to our right and Gene Rayburn far right. Not sure about the guy to Hitch’s right, maybe Jim Nabors, and Jean Stapleton far left. That’s George Burns a couple of rows back, with Telly Savalas behind him and Dale Evans and Roy Rogers on his left. I think that is Arthur Godfrey two right of Burns and Red Skelton next to him. I think the big guy behind Burns is Orson Welles.

My brain is heating up so I need to update the software.

Nope, Jim Nabors is the second row from the top, in the middle. I think the guy next to HItchcock is Bob Barker. I see Jack Lord (Hawaii 5-0) top row second from the left.

Just a quick WAG, I recognize at least 32 of them, but couldn’t immediately come up with all of their names without additional thought… like who was Fred Sandford’s son, etc. Fun photo, anyway – thanks.

I’m wrong about Bob Barker…he didn’t stop dying his hair until 1987 and there is too much gray in that guys hair.

32? Name them if you want us to believe you. I’ll be impressed.

With this video, I can name everyone of them. Are you impressed?

LOL. Cheating.

LOL. Cheating.

I am originally from Massachusetts, home of the New England Patriots who have been over the years been accused of cheating.

The late Bobby “the brain” Heenan of the WWE used to say, "If you are not cheating, than you are not trying.

Caffeined up now. You’re right about Nabors. Right of Nabors is Carol Burnette, to her right is Steve Allen, and to his right is John Forsythe. I think that is Ron Howard in front of Forsythe and Dinah Shore on his right. Two right of Nabors is Loretta Swit, two right of her is Andy Griffith, two right of him is Demond Wilson and right of him is Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter).

Right of Lord is Dick VanDyke and two left is Ernest Borgnine. Buddy Ebsen is in front of Lord with, maybe, Glen Campbell on his right. I think that’s Barker in the back row 6 from right, with John Amos on his right and Bert Convy on his left. Two to our right from Convy is Richard Crenna, with Mannix (Mike Connor) to his left and Rhoda’s husband (?) to his left.

I was wrong about Red Skelton. There is a row half way up with Bob Newhart on the right, then Tony Randall, then Red Skelton. Jack Benny is toward the middle of that row.

Very good.

No one has found Lucille Ball yet?

I’ll take a stab at this starting on the top row

  1. Dick Vandyke
  2. Jack Lord
  3. John Amos
  4. Burt Convy
  5. Art LInkletter
  6. John Davidson
  7. Buddy Ebsen
  8. Steve Allen
  9. Carol Burnett
  10. Jim Nabors
  11. Bea Arthur
  12. Loretta Swit
  13. Andy Griffith
  14. Demond Wilson
  15. Ken Berry
  16. Mike Wallace
  17. Sherman Hemsley
  18. Carrol O’Connor
  19. Bob Newhart
  20. Lucille Ball
  21. Charles Kuralt
  22. Bonnie Franklin
  23. William Conrad
  24. Tim Conway
  25. Danny Thomas
  26. Telly Savalas
  27. Roy Rogers
  28. Dale Evans
  29. George Burns
  30. Jean Stapleton
  31. Hitchcock
  32. Mary Tyler Moore
  33. Gene Rayburn

pretty much in the middle

Nice KC. I think left of Sherman Hensley is Mike Wallace and above him is Dick Smothers. I think that is Jamie Farr in front of Hemsley.

Lucille Ball is in the middle of the photo with Ed Asner on her left.

You can’t take my word? When have I ever lied to you? What a crushing blow. Demond Wilson, it just came to me. :innocent:

That confirms what I think…but I didn’t want to put anybody I wasn’t sure of. I want to say it’s Bob Denver next to Carrol O’Connor

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