Treasury Secretary Crushes Bailout Demands for Silicon Valley Bank: 'We're Not Going to Do That Again'

Definitely disagree with bailouts. Too much risk is taken on when you’re too big to fail

True, but some of those investors lost of all their money.

Don’t give a damn. That’s the best part of capitalism. Anyone who invests deserves to benefit when things go well and be hurt when things fail

Depositors are a different story.

A lot of people lost all of their homes back in 2008. I have no doubt that if it was a bank in Omaha instead of Silicon Valley, the would point to the FDIC limit of $250k and offer to keep you in their prayers.

I read about a basketball player (I think) who has something like 50 different banks. $250k times 50 means he would have 12.5 million, even if they all failed.

Do you have ALL your money in one bank?
Surely they have other investments!

$1.25 mill.

The company i work for has over $200 mil in cash. Its spread around with smallest deposit probably $10mil. Im not in tge treasury management side but they have been opening up accounts all the time recently.

Fifty accounts at $250,000 each is $12.5 million total.

50 @ $25k is $1.25m. That’s what KC posted.

My keyboard did not take the zero. $250K times 50 is 12.5 million

my keyboard did not take the zero. FOrgive me. At any rate, if they limit insurance to $250k, he would have had $12.5 million protected

My keyboard didn’t accept the zero. I’m not perfect. Never claimed to be, but mea culpa I made a mistake.

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