I spent the last 1.5 years in Chicago and coming home to St. Louis from time to time.

Now that I’m spending more time in St. Louis. I’m back to cooking on my trager.

It’s a wood pellet grill. The salmon is amazing.

My neighbor loves his Trager, it’s convenient but IMO you don’t get the same results as a regular smoker. I’m old school and use Weber kettles, there’s no electronics, fan, auger, etc to go bad.

I find the smoking part amazing. It’s the grilling part that isn’t great.

It doesn’t get hot enough to “grill”.

Try using the reverse sear method for steak. Set your grill to 250 and bring the steak to an internal temperature of 110-115 and take off the grill. Set the grill to the hottest temp and let it get hot, pat the moisture off the steak and put on the grill for one minute. Flip the steak to a hot spot and repeat 4 times. Take the steak off and rest 5-10 minutes and it should be a perfect medium rare.

Another option is

I have a cheaper pellet smoker, if it ever goes belly up I will probably buy a Traeger.
COSTCO had brisket on sale last month for less than $3 a pound so I bough a huge one and cut it in half and froze half.
I used the other half to make burnt ends.
It was my first time since I didn’t trust myself not to jack up an expensive piece of meat.
They turned out awesome.
Here is the recipe, it says to just use a roast, but I went ahead and used brisket.

Burnt ends are awesome, I’ll also make them using pork belly. The best price I’ve found for brisket is $3.49 a pound for a prime full packer at Costco in July and August, but last week it was $5.99.

How does the brisket taste after Frozen? I only bought the flat as I couldn’t use the whole one

I’ve never had issues with frozen brisket as long as you heat it gently.

Brisket can be tough piece of meat.

I normally buy ribs at Costco then marinate then freeze them. Just thaw then smoke.

Wrap really well in cling wrap, then put in 2 gallon zip lock. To get all the air out of the zip lock fill a sink up with water and lower the bag until right to the top, it works as a red neck rig vacuum sealer.
I had no freezer burn issues, let it thaw out for 2 days.

got it Thanks