Top 25 State Colleges

My kid just graduated from number 9 with a double major. (Me just bragging :smiley:.)



Thanks but I had very little to do with it, I just wrote a lot of checks.

It’s possible parenting was a factor, presumably your wife’s.

Yes she was, she’s a dork and got him into reading early. He’s 22 and still re-reads the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books every summer. I also give his school a lot of credit, they separate kids early in to cohorts, most of his friends are from 4th grade and they’re all doing well. I got lucky, my kid is a geek and was pretty easy to raise.


Like I said, I had very little to do with that. :grinning:

Congrats Bears! The money is important but I suspect the lessons you taught your kids had something to do with their success as well.

Awesome job!

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