Too bad I am married

Gisele may be single soon!

I said it before. Brady should have stayed retired. He has accomplished just about everything and proven himself beyond any shadow of a doubt.

And, at this point he is starting to seem more like a self-centered prima donna than that great team mate. It is obvious that his retirement earlier this year was only an attempt to get out of his contract with Tampa Bay so he could go to Miami. It is also almost as obvious when, after the Buccaneers didn’t let him walk and left him the choice of staying retired or playing for them, he got Bruce Arians kicked upstairs. It is also equally obvious that Brady isn’t looking to stay in Tampa Bay next year and already has his sights set on his next destination.

And, tell me how many quarterbacks would ever be allowed to leave training camp for personal reasons? The quarterback is supposed to be the leader of the team and be there with his team mates, not off doing his own thing.

Brady now reminds me of Brett Favre in his later years.

Go for it.

So in a few years, he’ll be stealing welfare money from poor people in Mississippi?

Actually, they both were kinda assholes even in the earlier years, just became more apparent with age. It happens, the Trump years have made even mild-manner me a become bigger asshole… for a good cause, I might add.

Speaking of asshole quarterbacks, did anyone offer Kaepernick a deal or was Sapp right?

Ah, Warren Sapp, that’s someone I’d really go to first in a search for unbiased truth and judgment. :cold_face:

It looks like he was right and his haters were wrong.

At least Favre and Brady had talent

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