To the geniuses who thought/think we should just let the virus do its thing, and run through the population

This study is in no way definitive, but if it turns out that getting covid-19 can result in permanent brain damage, leading in some cases to dementia down the road, just maybe, millions of people are going to regret not getting vaccinated, and boosted, and not taking precautions to avoid getting sick.
Or maybe they won’t regret anything, because they’ll have no memory of how stupid they were.

Holy fucking scare tactic.

If the findings are verified, holy fuck, a lot of people should be very scared. Like we really need more dementia addled individuals to siphon off medical care dollars.

They studied 10 people, all with the most severe form of Covid, and they openly admit that it is to early to know anything.

The question is how many shows symptoms before Covid.

Covid kills people with cognitive disfunction at a high rate.

Hmm, didn’t think of that.
The study may be backwards.

No one said it’s definitive, but considering that an estimated 100 million people around the world, including 22 million in the United States, are estimated to have suffered symptoms of long covid, it’s not hard to imagine that some are going to suffer long-term or even permanent damage.

The almost 900k dead in this country may end up being some of the luckier victims of covid-19.

It’s one of the puzzles of Covid.

To the geniuses the thought locking down the country was a good idea:

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Locking down was stoopid. Didn’t stop the spread or flatten the curve or squat. It did far far more in economic damage than outright casualties due to Wuhan Flu itself. Businesses bankrupted, people out of work, people starving. If the talking-head advice was good, the virus would have been gone long ago.

As it is, they keep up with the Donkey Dung demands that do no good, and they actively censor any and all alternative measures that have been proven useful, such as Ivermectin, hydrochloro quine, budesonide, and anything else other than experimental so-called vaccine$$$.

So now that the scary booger man virus plus the Enemedia Talking heads plus in some cases government Tyrants have bullied millions into accepting experimental mRNA that does not keep them from getting Covid or keep them from spreading it, what will you do for these millions when the numbers of adverse reactions and deaths get to be too numerous to cover up? Blame vaccine deaths on covid itself?

Hmm. This would explain why I am now retarded.

Please everyone, get the vax een!!

Thanks for assuming we can do anything to prevent a viral infection. My wife had the virus, had the injections, had the booster, then got the virus again.

People must thing they are Gods if they think they can absolutely prevent COVID-19 infection. Depends entirely upon your immune system.