To MCarley, who do you think your team's next defensive coordinator will be tomorrow?

There is no way that Vance Joseph can possibly survive this.

When I saw that score I was reminded of several lop-sided college football games where a powerhouse beat a cup cake.

It looks like a long football season in Denver this year.

And, to pile on:

Dolphins turned the ball over on 4th down as time expired. A field goal wouldve gotten them most points scored in nfl history. A friend is pissed, i found it classy.

Anyone but Vance Joseph apparently.

One of the Ryan assholes has been campaigning for the job.

It’s been a long 8 years for Broncos fans, and we’re not used to it.

It would have been piling on. And who knows if the coach even knew about the record.

Next week the Broncos play the Bears in a game which could go a long way in determining who gets the number one pick next year.

Yeah, fans are already clamoring to tank for a new QB.

Either way I liked it. Piling on is a college football thing.

Speaking of high scores and piling on - Currently the Bears are trailing the Chiefs 41-0 in the third quarter. They are playing the backup QB now so I don’t think Reid wants to purposefully cause any more embarassment.

I only saw highlights, but Broncos probably should have pulled Wilson too.

Lions play Denver a week before Christmas. I’ll watch that if it is televised here.

My Broncos got beat bad, they were lowlights for me.

THis was in the comments of a Yahoo article about the game

The Denver Broncos visited an orphanage in Mexico today. “It was so sad to see the looks of desperation and hopelessness on their faces,” said Luis, age 11.

Mike McDaniel was literally in the stands in second half letting fans call offensive plays. I think that’s pretty cool!

And, to pile on more: