To JimToo: Your team team won't go 0-17

They still could go 0-16-1, though.

First, not my team team. Not even my team. I might be interested should the Lions be sold, but that’s an ultra thin chance.

I was interested in a rare tie, and looked into how they got a tie. Game was 16-16 because the Lions kicker missed an extra point. They got the ball and a chance with under 3 minutes left and lost 5 yards on 3 plays and had to punt. In OT, a few punts before Lions moved the ball to the Steelers’ 30 and them missed a 48 yd field goal. Matt Prater, an above average kicker, had been the Lions’ kicker but signed with AZ this season.

That seems to be the Lions in nutshell, can’t gain yourself any advantage or take advantage of the advantages that one happens upon.