Title IX and NIL

This is an interesting case.

Oregon Asks Court to Reject Title IX Suit’s NIL ‘Theory’ (msn.com)

The original stated intent of NIL was for athletes to make money off of their name via endorsements, etc.
But the schools and the NCAA still want to wet their beaks.
So if a school sets up a NIL “pool” of money, per Title IX it should be spent equally between men and women’s sports.
IMO, NIL had/has promise, but the NCAA meddling in it is bound to screw it up.

The NCAA lost control of college sports with the O’Bannon ruling back in 2020.

That ruling happened because the NCAA tried too hard to keep athletes from controlling their own likeness.

IMO NIL’s should be up to the individual athlete and they should get any money from their deals.

100% agree, but the schools got greedy and want to form these NIL conglomerates so they can have control and that is not how it is supposed to work.

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