Tipping hotel housekeepers

Do you do it? How much?

I lazily googled the topic a while back, and according to some sources it is standard to do $1-2 per night.

Most of the people I have asked have said no they do not tip at all.

When I was younger I heard it was rude (don’t know when or who).

Rude to tip? Or rude not to?

If rude to tip, what is the logic behind that?

If I remember right, and this is going WAY back.
My mom told me not to leave change on the dresser when we left a hotel room because it might be viewed as a tip, and it was such a small amount it would be rude to only tip that much.
I have never heard of it being a norm to tip hotel cleaning staff though.

I would definitely agree not to leave loose change, as it could very easily appear insulting/demeaning.

My thought process is, these people have a tough job that doesn’t pay well, and they do the primary effort that can make one’s stay pleasant (by prepping the room).

So if they do 20 rooms in a day & everyone gave $1-2, that would be a nice bit of extra money to take home.

Yes I know not everyone does tip & likely only a small minority does, but just what-iffing

It depends. If the room was clean and I trashed (I mean my kids trashed it) I will sometimes leave a tip. Tipping hotels is largely dependent on having cash. Typically I either have zero cash on $100’s. If I have something in the singles to 10, I will typically leave that. I have reservations sometimes as you might leave a tip intended for the cleaners and a maintenance person will swipe it. You have no idea. Once when we rented a beach house and it included a $150 house keeping charge, on my way out, I gave $100 to the house keeper that was coming in to clean. She started crying and was very appreciative.


If I’m over overly messy or they do something exceptional I will. Otherwise no.

Hotel rooms have become extremely expensive.

Just curious, why tip (and so much) if you already had to pay a separate housekeeping charge? Was it because the money was unlikely to go to the housekeeper herself?

Yes this is not helping my inclination to leave a tip. I recently stayed in the HoJo right next to Las Vegas McCarran airport. Crummy place, and they made me wait outside at night until my online reservation showed up in their system thanks to Governor Fuckhead’s covid protocols.

Needless to say I did not leave a gratuity.

The $150 goes to the housekeeping company and not the actual worker.

Slight tangent, but that is why when we use a housekeeper at home, we don’t use a company. We find an individual that does it on the side, or for themselves.

(And we are not rolling in it or lazy enough that we have a full time housekeeper, only on special occasions).

We’ve only tipped if we were staying more than one night, usually $5 a night with a little note saying good job.

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