Time limit on new posts?

I tried to make 2 new posts today. The first one, no issue. The second one I was limited and said I had to wait an hour. What’s the deal? I get maybe not posting 10 per hour but a few new posts is not unreasonable.

Now I got to wait another hour to post the one I was originally trying to post.

Weird. It doesn’t seem to stop Cnon from posting 10 in an hour.

I rarely post more than one in a day, but I probably have and I don’t think i’ve seen this.

Never heard of this limitation.

I already had it all written out and sources cited. It said I had to wait an hour but saved it my my draft. Came back later and told me I had to wait 22 minutes but it didn’t save my draft.

I suspect a time limit would be a worthy addition. I’d even suggest that the limit for some posters might start at “NEVER”. :innocent:

Careful, suspect you’d be second on that list after pscot. Maybe you’re third after me.

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And don’t forget the Pit Bull!

Post or creating a new topic?

New topic.

Try again

Looks like it allowed me to make multiple new posts. Was there some setting? Are you restricting spam posts?