Time for USC fans to come down to earth

It is always fun to watch this entitled fan base have to realize their team ain’t winning squat this year. How things have changed in a few months.

They are a good team and they have bought a lot of good players…but until they have a decent defense they aren’t going anywhere. They were very fortunate to beat Arizona the previous week…

Lincoln Riley came from the Big 12.
They don’t know the word defense in that conference.

Along these lines.
My son thinks that Caleb Williams will go number 1 in the draft (and maybe he will), but I reminded him that Lincoln Riley coached QBs are busts.

You should have been in Los Angeles the day news of Riley’s hire broke. On the sports talk shows USC fans were already planning their championship parade.

With USC joining the B10 his path got a lot tougher. I wonder if he would still make the same move if he knew that Oklahoma would be joining the SEC ?

True. At the same time, I think his chances of having success at USC in the Big Ten are a lot higher than at Oklahoma in the SEC. I read one article that compared Oklahoma going to the SEC to Nebraska going to the Big Ten, wondering if the results would be the same.

I had to go down Memory Lane to recall how some people were celebrating USC’s success.

And, more proof the homeymoon is over.

And, for some good comedy:

I wonder what @mcarley thinks of that idea.

Edit: I see that was written in December 2022. It is still funny to read, especially in hindsight.

Seen this on facebook

Maybe true, but what does that have to do with USC’s football season and Lincoln Riley?

Nothing, I just looked for a thread on sports, my bad. :woman_shrugging:

And it keeps.getting better.