Thousands of workers petition Amazon for paid time off to vote

Thousands of Amazon's tech workers have signed a petition calling for the e-commerce giant to provide paid time off to all of its employees to vote.

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Isn’t that a federal law?

Paid? Not that I’m aware of. And in some places, it is literally hours in line.

More info:

I missed the paid part.

Even without the paid part, the law varies by state. You could be scheduled to work through the whole day and you’re screwed in some states.

Most states have early voting and/or voting by mail. I’m pretty sure my workplace allows unpaid time off to vote if your work schedule wouldn’t allow for it.

In 1992 in my part of Kansas I thought I would pop in to vote over my lunch hour. I left at 11 and got back to the office at 2. Shortly after that they started early voting. I was fortunate in that I was an exempt employee so I got paid. Nonexempt weren’t so lucky. What is somewhat surprising to me is that my county announced three additional early voting spots and we are a Republican county. I would have expected a push to stop early voting with some explanation that it enables fraud, but Republicans have been winning so it’s OK. But we have a Senate race coming up and the Democrat has a good shot
And becoming the first Democrat from Kansas in over 70 years. Should that happen I fully expect to see a push away from early voting

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