Thought they would buy out this year

But apparently Texas and OU are playing at least one more season in the Big 12.

If history is any indication, expect to get molested by the refs.

I remember that Arkansas played one last football season in the old Southwest Conference after they had moved their basketball schedule to the SEC and had the SEC logo on their basketball court.

I would also not assume this is etched in stone yet. If there is some way for somebody to get more money out of this situation, I could see things changing between now and the start of next year’s season.

If I were in charge of the Big 12, I would let Oklahoma go and make Texas play one more year.

It would be more fun to see Texas go to the SEC and get the crap kicked out of it next year.

I were in charge of the Big 12, I would squeeze every last cent I could out of both of them and then let them go.