Those long wait times for Canadian medicine

I have something on my arm that I’m not sure about. I just saw some articles about Jimmy Buffet dying from skin cancer that has metastasized and we are urged not to ignore these things So for peace of mind, I made an appointment with a dermatologist. They can get me in for an appointment in December. I have informed the growth on my arm that I have made an appointment and have asked if it might hold off on spreading for a couple of months.

I thought this stuff only happened in Canada.

KC, we had another thread on long waits for dermatology appointments. I described my experience where I have been quoted long waits for appointment for both myself and my son.

If you are concerned about waiting until December, I recommend that you ask around to see if anybody has any referrals for you to try. Or, try calling around yourself. For what it is worth, the place that I found that had short waiting times is solely a dermatology practice and not part of a larger medical network. The other two places with long wait times are larger medical networks.

Edit: Here is the thread:

Oh…I’ve called several. all of them are December. I made one, but I’ll search more on Monday.

@kcflyer - Have you thought about going to an urgent care center because many of them can diagnose various skin conditions. Then if they can’t they will probably be able to refer you to a dermatologist and you will be able to see one much quicker that way.

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Agreed, or even ER if concerned about it.

I had the other posts about the derm wait times. The fourth practice I called, which is new to the area, got me in in about 4 1/2 weeks. Supposed to see them week after next. Everybody else I talked to was 10-12 weeks. Still don’t know why they are so booked out.

@branchkin - I think the reason why is because people see dermatologists for so many different reasons now that they didn’t in the past such as yearly exams for preventive health, cosmetic treatments, acne, etc and many of them have retired in recent years.

However, since they treat such a huge range of conditions from minor cosmetics to life threatening skin cancer they should have a system in place to accommodate people who need to be seen as soon as possible

Keep in mind that dermatologists love doing cosmetic treatments because they are not covered by insurance which makes them the most profitable part of their practice.

Ah for the days when a good GP would take care of business.

Happened to me perhaps 10 years ago. Mole, and Doc says “want me to take that off?” I said sure and he did. A simple little dermatology procedure. My doc was running his own practice at that point. Since he got assimilated, I would be very surprised if he would still do that.

Wife had a much more unlikely example a number of years ago. Lump in breast and Doc says “Let’s see what it is” and did, right there on the spot. Now that was in Alaska and things there tend to be a little different than lower 48. About as close as we get these days is foot doctor who will carve on a callous on toe.

We’ve managed to clutter up our health care with so much policy, regulation, and insurance nonsense that our system is about as bad as Canada’s.

The doctor shortage is real, and you boomers are retiring in mass with your chronic conditions.

Buckle up, it is going to be a fun few decades.

Go see your gp. If they thinks it’s cancer, the dermatologist will see you quicker with a referral.

I’m horrible at skin cancer. Think god I never had to deal with often and always had backup. For whatever reason it all looks the same to me.

If you don’t mind traveling. My dermatologist in Chicago almost always has openings and he’s top notch. I call him zorro

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