This will get you blocked

I am pretty sure this would have got you Twitter account blocked two months ago.

Yes it will get you blocked, censored, banned, or all the above. Never mind if it is the truth.

You will get the same treatment if you talk about other proven useful products like ivermectin, oxychloroquine, or budesonide in a nebulizer to counter inflammation. Nothing but the party line is acceptable. You have free speech as long as it agrees with the party line.

Oh and don’t dare mention that the jabs have waning effectivity, don’t keep you from getting covid, don’t keep you from spreading it, and play havoc with your immune system!

What is so fascinating is that this stuff is now appearing in mainstream media. They can only surpress the truth for so long.

It still would.

Hell I got banned from a Reddit forum for saying cloth mask are ineffective. Lol.

That’s just terrible!
And guess what will earn you a leave of absence, if you dare to suggest that the vaccination rate within the department of health, in Florida, is too low?
Yes, let’s blame democrats for their pandemic response failings.

Ya, I was on board with defending this guy, until I actually read what her wrote.

Yeah, maybe his terse tone had the unvaccinated running to find a safe space. Fortunately, Florida, and DeSantis have many such locations for the unvaccinated.

He was the Director and called people “Irresponsible” and “pathetic”.

I realize that telling the truth is out of fashion these days, for some of us. I however find it quite refreshing.

Florida is higher than the national average in all age categories for vaccinations.

This guy will have a lot time for refreshing while at home.

Based on the way you post here, you most likely said “masks are ineffective” and forgot to put the “cloth” modifier in your post.

Thank you for trying to correct me but no, I said Cloth mask and ineffective and cited the CDC.

What’s amazing to me about pandemic hysterics is that they are so obsessed with control of others’ decisions that it does not even occur to them that insulting one’s employees might just not be an effective way to persuade them to take the vaccine.

If he lived in some leftist dystopia wet dream like California or New York, he would be able to bully and insult his employees to his heart’s content. But the Floridian system has made its stance clear, and no amount of wailing and bleating will change that. He got his just desserts here.