This Study Shows How Biden’s Stimulus Contributed To Inflation

Last night a was asking another person about thier small excavator that was on his trailer while pumping gas. He was a small plumbing company. He said he bought it with his business covid relief money. Nice!

You don’t need a study, anybody that has taken Econ 101 could tell you this.

Of course the stimulus “contributed” to the inflation, doesn’t take a mensa mentality to figure that out. But a 1/2 dozen or more other factors – mostly beyond Biden’s or anyone else’s, control also chipped in. Some including fossils fuel prices and the pandemic much more than the stimulus. And, while we’re at it, the stimulus didn’t all come under Biden’s watch, a good part got into the economy long before January of 2021.

Edit: And let’s not ignore the fact that the stimulus funds probably headed off a crippling recession, and saved a lot of jobs and businesses.

I may disagree slightly on how much each factor contributed.
But this is probably the most economically coherent post I have ever read from you.

You tryin’ to bring me to tears? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

To be honest.
I am trying to make an effort to be nicer.

Wrong! Most righties DO need a study, to educate them about the major contributors to our current high level of inflation, since all we hear from them is that it’s all Biden’s fault.

I guess being honest doesn’t fit the right’s political narrative, does it?