This may actually help

In a weird way, this may get more people to vax.

It seems some people won’t believe it’s real or serious until it affects them personally. My unvaccinated sister is currently on day 12. Her husband’s oxygen level was 90% this morning.

Now, they’re reporting that Graham was at a party on Manchin’s boat. We could have multiple Senators from both parties infected.

Yep. Will potentially slow the “infrastructure” bills and any hope for extending the eviction ban.

I don’t think the eviction extension is happening.

Not via cdc. There was talk about doing it via legislation.

That’s mcarleys point, Congress ain’t taking it up. There aren’t the votes for it.

Here’s another take.

States that dish out taxpayer money for housing assistance should be required to show proof of vaccine.

On another note, Joe’s boat is an interesting yacht. He lives on it while in Washington. It could be cheaper than buying an actual condo but I would think that the upkeep would be pretty pricy. Not to mention all the fossil fuels that the good democrat wastes while throwing lavish parties for his senator friends.

Anyone receiving free money from the taxpayers should show proof of vaccination before getting a dime.

I didn’t know there were many yachtsmen in West Virginia.

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Apparently, I must stand corrected. The CDC just announced they’re doing a different version of it, another 60 days, covers most, but not everyone.