This made me laugh


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Best one yet!!

My favorite by far has been:

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I’ve seen a bunch of these Bernie memes, from people all over the political spectrum, but these are all new to me.

My son and I are MMA fans and liked this one;

You know what’s funny. The woman whose the gloves had to stop sue to excessive taxes.



Hi BM:

Side question, but do you still play your ■■■■■ card.

Oops, I guess I said a naughty word. I need to go wash my mouth out with soap. :grin:

(Hey, this is a humor thread)

wmj - Anything to win my bridge game :grinning:

How close is bridge to pinochle?

I don’t know anything about Bridge. You need to explain it to me sometime, especially what a t-rump card means. :wink:

That one is funny.

Edit: I see I responded to the wrong post. Klinger as SecDef is funny.

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This isn’t a humorous article, but the headline did make me laugh.

Love this spoof of a Twilight Zone episode

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