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Ironically, Farrell joined MASH in 1975, so it isn’t quite his 50th anniversary on the show.


Some people are upset others have more than they have and they’ll never be happy because of their envy. I’ve always been happy even when I had very little, life is a journey enjoy the ride.


Actually, a lot of people with generous hearts worry little about those who have more than them. What we worry about more is the millions who have a lot less than what we have, which in most cases is more than enough. We don’t waste our time fretting about those below having the chance to gain a bit of ground on us.

I don’t envy anyone with more than me, I’m grateful for what I have. However, it does piss me off that I pay more in taxes then Trump a so called billionaire… Something needs to change.

No you don’t.

Trump paid almost a million dollars in federal taxes in 2018, you paid more?

I was referring to the $750 he bragged about paying because he said he was smart. lol

Wasn’t his business just caught cheating on his taxes in court. He wasn’t smart he was found to be a crook. How much taxes does he have to pay back?

You pay income tax on income, if you had no income you don’t have any income tax to pay. See how that works?

Well I’ve never been on trial and been found guilty of tax fraud and let my CPA go to prison over it. See how that works?

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